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If you have been arrested and charged with a DWI – DUI, Refusal to Submit a Breath Sample in New Jersey, you want an experienced lawyer to protect your rights and your future. You could face jail time and substantial fines, but you could also risk the loss of your driving privileges and even put your job at risk. You want an attorney who understands how police officers and prosecutors prepare for a DWI – DUI trial. You want a lawyer who has actually written DWI – DUI reports, so that he knows exactly what to look for, and can identify what may be missing. You want an attorney who has been trained to perform field sobriety tests, and administer blood alcohol tests to determine if you are DWI – DUI. The same exact tests that you were required to perform. You want former police officer Edward M. Janzekovich.

I am attorney Edward M. Janzekovich. I am also a retired law enforcement officer, with 23 years in the East Brunswick Police Department. While on the force, I received extensive training from the New Jersey state police in DWI – DUI identification and apprehension of persons driving while intoxicated. I was certified to administer and perform field sobriety and blood alcohol (BAC) tests. In addition to writing many DWI – DUI reports, I also served as a supervisor to other police officers for more than 13 years, where I had responsibility for training new officers in DWI – DUI identification & apprehension, report writing, courtroom testimony; as well as reviewing for errors and approving other officer’s reports.

Because of my DWI – DUI experience as a police officer, I’m in a unique position to help you achieve the outcome you want. I know the mistakes that police officers can make, and I understand the strategies and tactics prosecutors use to get a conviction for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. I take a results-oriented approach on cases, using the knowledge I gained as a police officer and my skills and experience as an attorney to protect your constitutional rights.

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My DWI – DUI Defense Practice

I provide comprehensive legal counsel to anyone facing DWI – DUI charges, including Refusing to Provide Breath Sample. I will thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances of your case, starting with the traffic stop. I will carefully review the police report and talk to witnesses to determine whether the police were justified to pull you over, and to ensure that your constitutional rights were not violated.

In addition, I will carefully examine how the DWI – DUI field sobriety test and blood alcohol test were conducted. If proper procedures were not followed, or if there were any other irregularities, I will move to exclude any tainted evidence, and to dismiss DWI – DUI charges, if appropriate.

I handle all types of DWI – DUI cases, whether it’s your first offense or you are a repeat offender. I represent people with CDL privileges that are at risk even if you are not operating a commercial vehicle.

To learn more about the consequences of a DWI – DUI in New Jersey, see my page on Penalties for DWI and DUI in New Jersey.

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