Linden City Municipal Court, Union County, New Jersey

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The Law Office of Edward M. Janzekovich, LLC represents individuals charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI – DUI), Refusing to Provide a Breath Sample, and DWI – DUI in a School Zone in Linden City, New Jersey.


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Linden City, New Jersey DWI – DUI Refusal and School Zone Defense

The Linden City Municipal Court processes roughly 300 DWI – DUI related offenses a year. This includes violations for refusing to provide breath samples and DWI – DUI in a School Zone. This number is higher than an average court, but you have to realize that not only is the Linden Police Department issuing the summonses for DWI – DUI, you also have the enforcement actions of the New Jersey State Police that overlap on the Interstates that run through Linden City. So any alleged violations for DWI – DUI, refusing to provide a breath sample, or DWI / DUI in a school zone that the NJSP writes will also be heard in the Linden City Municipal Court.

Retired Police Officer and DWI – DUI Attorney Edward M. Janzekovich

As police officer with over 23 years experience, I received specialized training from the New Jersey State Police in the Identification and Apprehension of Drunk Drivers (DWI – DUI). I also became certified by the NJSP to properly administer and evaluate Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (the same tests you had to perform on the side of the road before the handcuffs were placed on you) and certified to properly administer the Alcotest breath testing machine (the same machine you blew into after being arrested).

This specialized training I received places me in a very unique position to carefully evaluate your situation to ensure that Proper Police Procedure was adhered to. When proper police procedure is not followed, it creates many viable defenses and challenges to the DWI – DUI, Refusal to Submit a Breath Sample or DWI – DUI in School Zone offense you are charged with.

In addition to personally writing many DWI – DUI reports, I also served as the supervisor to other police officers for more than 13 years, where I had responsibility of training new officers in DWI – DUI identification & apprehension, report writing, courtroom testimony; as well as reviewing for errors and approving other officer’s DWI – DUI reports.

Call my Cell Phone now for a FREE DWI – DUI Consultation. 732-718-1890